Types of Lasers and their applications in Pediatric Dentistry





Laser Therapy; Pediatric Dentistry; Children.


Introduction: Lasers are classified into high intensity and low intensity lasers. Their applicability can be used in several clinical procedures in pediatric dentistry, such as lip and tongue brake surgery, cavity preparation and biomodulation of oral lesions. Objective: To verify in the available literature the types of lasers used in Dentistry and their use in Pediatric Dentistry practice. Methodology: This is an integrative review of the literature, where a bibliographic survey was made through the ScieLO and PubMed databases between the years 2015 and 2020. Results: A total of 15 articles were selected after full reading, of which 6 were Randomized Clinical Trials, 4 Systematic Review articles and 5 Literature Reviews. From the research made with the high-power laser, the results found were favorable for this type of device in the treatment of frenuloplasty, when compared to the technique by the scalpel, as well as it proved useful in the area of Dentistry using it in the preparation of cavities and dental surfaces for the application of sealants in relation to the use of the drill. The low intensity laser has proven to be an excellent alternative for post-exodontic use as well as photobiomodulation therapy in patients with oral lesions. Another form of use, with positive results, was the use of low-power laser therapy in bone healing and regeneration after rapid maxillary expansion. Conclusion: Both high power lasers and low power laser therapy are good options for Dentists, especially Odontopediatricians, to insert in their routine, because it promotes a good recovery, greater comfort and acceptability by the child public.


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