Avian Salmonellosis





Avian salmonellosis; Chicken; Poultry.


Avian salmonellosis is a term used to refer to the three different types of bacterial diseases caused by the genus Salmonella sp (pulorosis, avian typhus and avian paratyph) in domestic birds. Pulorosis has its etiology related to Salmonella pullorum, avian typhus to Salmonella gallinarum and avian paratyph to all other enteric pathogenic serotypes. The three diseases can affect domestic birds of any age, causing unspecific and systemic clinical signs, with acute and chronic conditions that can be confused with other bacteriosis. Worldwide, these diseases are responsible for impacting the Brazilian economy and public health. Transmission can occur via vertical and horizontal routes and indirect contact with contaminated food, drinking water, vectors and fomites. The diagnosis of sick birds can be performed based on history, clinical signs, anatomopathological findings and laboratory tests that include the identification of agents by bacterial isolation, rapid serum agglutination in plates, slow serum agglutination in tubes and polymerase chain reaction (PCR ). As there is no antibiotic treatment that completely eliminates the infection in birds, control and prevention measures are indispensable in the control of these diseases. This article is a literature review and aims to know the theoretical framework for the disease and its agents, in addition to the possibility of clarifying the importance of prevention and control of this microorganism, due to the infectious and zoonotic nature of the disease, which can cause numerous economic losses and also negative impacts on public health.

Author Biographies

Alisson Oliveira Costa, Universidade Federal de Jataí

Discente do curso de Medicina Veterinária.

Gisele da Fonseca Ventura , Universidade Federal de Jataí

Discente do curso de Medicina Veterinária.

Micael Siegert Schimmunech, Universidade Federal de Jataí

Discente do curso de Medicina Veterinária.

Dalila Almeida Lima, Universidade Federal de Jataí

Mestranda no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biociência Animal.

Eric Mateus Nascimento de Paula, Centro Universitário UNIFIMES



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