Medicinal plants help fight insomnia




Aromatherapy; Meta analysis; Essencial oils.


The use of medicinal plants has been part of human history for many decades, however, this culture, which was somewhat forgotten until then, has been gaining ground again. -analyses of insomnia. For the descriptor terms, the following are cited: Insomnia, herbal medicine and meta-analysis, with an emphasis on reviews aimed at insomnia therapy. Thirty-four review articles were found, two were eliminated after reading the abstract and 31 did not speak directly about insomnia and its cure with medicinal plants and only one surveyed the cure for insomnia with plants through aromatherapy. With the help of the meta-analysis technique in the study used, they observed that aromatherapy is efficient in the treatment of insomnia. They carried out a survey of 417 articles, where at the end of the research they used the responses of 19 articles from 2014 to 2020. Insomnia is prevalent in the Brazilian population and the use of medicinal plants, with sedative activity, stands out among the treatments.

Author Biography

Caio Franklin Vieira de Figueiredo, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande

He is currently studying for a Doctorate in Process Engineering at the Federal University of Campina Grande - UFCG, Master in Environmental Process Development at the Catholic University of Pernambuco - UNICAP, Specialization in Work Safety Engineering at the Integrated Faculties of Patos - FIP, Bachelor of Engineering Environmental by Faculdade Internacional da Paraíba - FPB, Degree in Biological Sciences [TEACHER TRAINING FOR BASIC EDUCATION] by Faculdade de Educação Paulistana - FAEP and Technician in Agribusiness by the National Service for Rural Learning - SENAR/PB. He has teaching experience in Bachelor's Degree courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Administration and CST - Higher Education Course in Occupational Safety Technology. Other significant experiences in Lato sensu postgraduate studies as a professor in the following courses: Specialization in Renewable Energies, Work Safety Engineering, Construction Management and MASTER BIM and Paving of Roads and Highways. Interested in topics related to Engineering and Environment, with an emphasis on: Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources, Water Resources, Solid Waste Management and Civil Construction Waste, Environmental Biotechnology, Bioproducts, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Modeling of environmental systems and safety engineering at work. Email address:


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