Surgical closure of oroantral communication with L-PRF: a case report




Platelet-Rich Fibrin; Autograft; Oroantral Fistula; Bone regeneration.


Introduction: Pathological communication between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus is a frequent sequela of traumatic events in the posterior region of the maxilla. Platelet concentrates, such as L-PRF, have been used in several clinical applications, including the management of extensive bucco-sinus communications. Objective: The present case report aims to describe the surgical closure of a sinus buccal communication using L-PRF associated with a vestibular flap. Case report: Female patient, melanoderma, smoker, with a history of chronic sinusitis associated with halitosis and secretion in the oral cavity for approximately three years, with onset of symptoms after maxillary molar extraction. Tomographic examination showed a bone defect measuring about 7 mm, communicating the oral cavity with the right maxillary sinus. Under local anesthesia, excision and debridement of the fistulous path was performed. The bone defect was filled with L-PRF membranes fixed below the periosteum and, then, the vestibular flap was advanced and placed in position for the complete closure of the bucco-sinusal communication. Following a 6-month postoperative follow-up, the patient did not show clinical or radiographic signs of maxillary sinusitis and computed tomography showed closure of bucco-sinusal communication. Conclusion: The use of L-PRF in the management of bucco-sinus communications can be considered an alternative to other techniques, with adequate repair of soft parts and important osteoinductive potential.

Author Biographies

Rômulo Augusto de Paiva Macedo, University of Pernambuco

Resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at FOP / UPE

Vinicius Balan Santos Pereira, University of Pernambuco

Master in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at FOP / UPE

Allan Vinicius Martins de Barros, University of Pernambuco

Resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at FOP/UPE

Éwerton Daniel Rocha Rodrigues, University of Pernambuco

Master in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Kleber Rós Santos, University of Pernambuco

Resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at FOP / UPE

Belmiro Cavalcanti do Egito Vasconcelos, University of Pernambuco

Associate professor, Associate professor, coordinator of the Master's and PhD program in CTBMF at FOP / UPE

Davi da Silva Barbirato, University of Pernambuco

Post-doctoral candidate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


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